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LADAKI Gourmet  Oregano – Rosemary – Garlic – Lemon
The therapeutic power of herbs, vegetables and fruit is known since the antiquity. Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine – used them to heal all sorts of aliments.
Experience now the Mediterranean spirit of the Greek land in every meal. alecrim

Ladaki Gourmet with Oregano.
Oregano is a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean Cuisine. Use it in baked and cooked meats, poultry, fish,pasta sauces, pulse, potatoes, vegetables, pizza, etc.  

Ladaki Gourmet with Rosemary.
Rosemary is an aromatic herb and contains ingredients which aid the blood circulation as well as the digestion. Add it to beef, poultry, lamb, fish, rabbit, fried or baked potatoes, vegetables, rice and BBQ.

Ladaki Gourmet Garlic.
Garlic does not really need any introduction. Its therapeutic characteristics have been passed from generation to generation for over 6,000 years. If you indulge in haute cuisine, then use it in all your recipes based on pasta, meats, vegetables and marinades.  

Ladaki Gourmet with Lemon
This well-known citrus fruit is also known for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties as well as its action against infections. Use it in fish, meat, vegetables and any other special dish you choose.

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