The journey begins thousands of years ago, when Poseidon and Athena two of the Olympian Gods decided to compete to be the guardian deity of the Greek City that would be “the brightest through the centuries.

Poseidon, God of the Sea struck the earth with his trident and gave rise to a lake but the water was salty sea and therefore useless.

Athena, Goddess of  Wisdom quietly struck the ground with her spear bringing forth an olive tree. It was considered the most valuable offering as food, wood and oil were granted.

At the Sacred Mountain of the Acropolis, King Cecrops and the inhabitants, chose Goddess Athena as patron of the city named “Athens” in her honor.

Today, visitors to the “New Acropolis Museum” in Athens, have the opportunity to admire the statues depicting the famous myth. These statues that for millennia keep alive the myth are located in the western front of the Parthenon.

Myth or Reality?